Publish on Demand (PoD) Support

Make sure that your conventional materials and eBooks follow consistent guidelines and are error-free. EQOD has PoD range of service to guarantee exceptional quality for your published content.

Cover Art and Graphics Design

A well-made cover, as well as illustrated designs and images are big factors for well-received books. From conceptualizing your thoughts, to producing layout and colors, our professional graphic designers guarantee quality art to bring your ideas to life with covers and illustrations that you’ll be proud to put your name on.


Aside from designing from scratch, our typesetters also work with published works, becoming QA specialists who checks and audits materials against your requirements and style guide. Get high-quality and consistent style and design for your documents with EQOD.


Well-designed text in printed properties is a mark of expert authorship, reducing distractions for readers and adding to their enjoyment. Let our professional typesetters give your materials an updated and modern look from cover to cover.

Copy Editing

Particularly important for new authors and publishers, you need new, experienced set of eyes to check manuscripts for errors, inconsistencies, and other details that might have been overlooked. EQOD provides expert manuscript critiques and comprehensive edits for your copies that guarantee well-edited results.

Style Guide Audit

Consistency in your projects, from published works to digital content, is important. Let our experts check your style guide and audit your checklists to make sure that all your content meets your criteria, or let us make one for you for successful development of your content.