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From creating cover designs to large-volume file format conversions, EQOD offers full-service options for our Publish on Demand (PoD) solutions. With our team of graphic designers, typesetters, and QA specialists, we guarantee quality production and on-schedule deliveries for both electronic content like eBooks, PDF journals, audio books, video libraries, and others, as well as printed publication materials like graphic novels, academic journals, magazines, and other paperbacks.

Publish on Demand (PoD) Support

EQOD’s team of publication experts make sure that your properties are ready-to-print and presented the way you need them to. Count on us to create, convert, and format both digital and paperback publications like novels, academic journals, magazines, interactive and illustrated children’s books, and other types.


Well-designed text in printed and digital books is a mark of expert authorship, reducing distractions for readers and adding to their enjoyment. Let our professional typesetters give your materials an updated and modern look from cover to cover.

Copy editing

Particularly important for new authors and publishers, you need new, experienced set of eyes to check manuscripts for errors, inconsistencies, and other details that might have been overlooked. EQOD  critiques and comprehensive edits for your copies that guarantee well-edited results.

Proofreading and style guide audit

Aside from designing from scratch, our typesetters also work with already-published works, becoming QA specialists who checks and audits digital books against your requirements and style guide. Get high-quality and consistent style and design for your e-paper and printed materials with EQOD.

Cover art and graphics design

A well-made cover, as well as illustrated designs and images are big factors for well-received books. From conceptualizing your thoughts, to producing layout and colors, our professional graphic designers guarantee quality art to bring your ideas to life with covers and illustrations that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

File conversion

Make your materials available across platforms. With EQOD, our file conversion services guarantee that your content will be available on different platforms.  Our experience in varieties of file formats like ePub, PDF, iBook, and others ensure that your digital properties will be seen by your audience in their preferred format.

eBook creation

As a full-service provider, EQOD can definitely manage your publication project for you. Let our teams take care of your publishing needs from start to finish, brainstorming ideas on how to best present your work, to designing and checking that your digital content is made available the way you have envisioned it to.

Alternative text tagging

Make your digital content accessible to all. EQOD also provides alternative text tagging services for presentations, figures, images, and other media used in your digital books. Our expert staff will guarantee that your properties conform to accessibility standards.

Digital Audio

Aside from e-Paper and digital publishing works, EQOD also works with other media particularly digital audio. Our experts create, edit, and organize your sound file depending on your needs. From simple edits to splicing and complete time-stamped transcriptions, we guarantee fast and accurate results every time.


Make your audio books are available as readable content. With more than a decade of working with digital audio files, our sharp-eared proofreaders and transcribers guarantee accurate copies for your Audible, narrated records, sound bites, and other audio files.

Audio editing

If you only need sound bites from audio files, or extract audio from other media, let the experts of EQOD help you. We provide audio editing services for files like voice-overs, narrative audio books, dialogue files for films, and others, splicing and editing to make sure that you get what you need.

Conversion and formatting

Make sure that your audio can be heard across platforms. We can format and save your audio files to the file type that you need. Be it converting voice-overs so they can play flawlessly as MP3, or making sure that converted Audibles complement your ePUB or iBooks, we can guarantee high-quality output every time.


EQOD completes its all-inclusive publishing support services with video development services. From simple YouTube ads to promote your digital properties, supporting animation for your interactive content, to complete transcription services for your media libraries,
let EQOD be your video creation specialist.


Make your e-Learning films more understandable and entertainment videos enjoyable with our transcript services. EQOD creates accurate video-to-text documents for authors and publishers that require transcript files for their e-Learning materials, or records of dialogues and narrations for their videos.

Time-code formatting

Add value to your recorded texts with time-stamps at regular intervals as placeholders, or let us time-code subtitles based on events and dialogues on the videos. Time-stamped transcripts are important for presentations, complete subtitling, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and other digital services.

Subtitling and closed captions

EQOD provides full, focused service for your video requirements, including subtitling and providing closed captions. Our spotting services place timed markers so you can have SRT files together with your videos, and use them as subtitles (texts based only on dialogues and narration) or complete closed captions (texts that include events in the video like sound effects, bgm, etc).

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