Litigation Outsourcing Services

Litigation support is one of our key strengths.  EQOD is the first choice for legal coding and other legal outsourcing services because we combine in-depth knowledge and experience with a passion for customer service.   We deliver top quality results, on time, for a reasonable price.   


Legal Coding / IndexingLitigation Outsourcing

Major lawsuits can involve voluminous documents adding up to millions of pages.  Effective litigation requires the ability to search and find documents quickly.  This can only be done if documents are indexed in a searchable electronic database. 

We offer bibliographic coding, in-text coding and subjective coding.  We can generate output files for virtually any litigation support software, including Concordance, Relativity, Summation, Ringtail, Doculex, BRS, IPRO and others.  The nature of the project, database and output can be customized to your needs.


Document Review

The legal system and education in the Philippines is based on -- and very similar to -- the American legal system and education. Filipinio attorneys are particularly well-suited to make a "first pass" review of documents. Documents can be reviewed for relevancy, materiality, privilege, work product, confidentiality, issue spotting and/or responsiveness to discovery requests. We have experience with numerous case assessment tools and document review software platforms.


Unitization (Logical Document Determination)

Documents are differentiated from each other to establish their boundaries. Attachments within documents can also be differentiated. This provides you with the beginning and ending points of each document and related attachments.  .


Objective Document Redaction

Keywords or fields in electronic or paper documents are redacted for HIPAA, trade secret or other reasons.


Production Formatting

We can prepare documents for production in discovery based on your criteria, including organization and file format.


Other Litigation Support Services

We offer data entry, data conversion and document conversion services.  Offshore attorneys and paralegals are available for document review and other projects.