Business (plus Education & Government)

Need a transaction processing provider? We offer:

  • Data entry (overnight and same day turnaround available)

  • Document conversion (virtually any source to any output file)

  • Form processing, including applications, shipping manifests, student records, microfilm, photos & customer records

  • Transaction processing, including claims, loans, mortgages, rebates, invoices, purchase and sale records, contest entries and trade confirmations 

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Need a litigation support partner?  We offer:Offshore Outsourcing BPO

  • Coding (bibliographic, in-text and subjective)

  • First pass document review

  • Unitization (LDD)

  • Production formatting

  • Objective document redaction

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We offer support for the entire spectrum of creating, converting, editing, enhancing, managing, producing and presenting information. We provide services to commercial publishers, database publishers, university presses, non-profits, content aggregators and other publishers.

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Outsource vendor services
Partner with us!

Whether your company needs Onshore project management or an Offshore discount BPO provider, we are well-positioned to handle your outsourcing needs!

We provide:

  • Call Center

  • Publishing Services

  • Litigation Support

  • Data Entry

  • Document Review

  • Document Indexing

  • Transaction Processing

  • Form Processing

  • Philippines Outsourcing

  • File Conversion

  • Litigation Support (LPO)

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