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EQOD is a US-based enterprise with production facilities in the Philippines. With complete outsourcing solutions for every need, we continue to provide our clients with top-quality, professional services at competitive prices.

What makes EQOD stand out from the rest?

Staffed by professional and dedicated employees, and supervised by expert project managers, EQOD continues to be a leader in world-class outsourcing services. We focus on a single service, Section 508 Compliance, making us experts in the field. Meanwhile, all our outsourcing solutions ensure first-class business processing services all the time.

With more than 10 years of being world-class outsource experts, EQOD continues to provide all-encompassing business process services for your industry.

Extensive solutions for your every requirement
Competitive costs without sacrificing quality
Broad range of industry clients, from corporate SMEs to government institutions

We understand your need for security when it comes to business records and data. As your service provider, we make sure to meet all your infrastructure and security requirements.

All staff undergo strict background checks and confidentiality agreements
Top-of-the-line infrastructure with enhanced security protocols in place
World-class facility maintains security checks to guard against data breach
ISP redundancy in place to safeguard connection 24/7
Servers with regular backup schedules as part of data disaster recovery protocols

As your exceptional and trusted outsourced solutions specialist, EQOD maintains its core competencies to help take your business to new heights.

Gives significant costs savings without compromising quality results
Direct communications ensure timely updates and accountability
Personnel requirements are met whatever the size of the project is
Flexible services mean major improvements in business strategies and performance

Why outsource?

In today’s competitive settings, businesses and industries stay ahead by providing maximum value to their clients and customers, leveraging low overheads with guaranteed service satisfaction. Most business players go for outsourcing services, as these give maximum boost to their business while letting them focus on their core competencies.


You can achieve significant cost savings through outsourcing. Depending on the nature of the engagement, billing is simply based on what work is done, be it per record, per file, per unit, or per hour. There are no extra charges for business overhead such as technology costs, rent or utilities.

Quick and convenient

Internet technology such as VOIP, email, and web conferencing makes it possible to maintain fluid communication and full accountability during the course of each project.


A clear statement of work and measurable outcomes are established for each project to ensure your work is done accurately, on time and within budget.

Flexible staffing

As work is done depending on the project, the teams and personnel allocation is also flexible. This means that scalable production models and teams can be adjusted quickly and seamlessly when needed.

Focus on
core competence

The outsourcing model enables you to focus on your core competence, while letting your service provider manage the rest. You can then concentrate on growing the business without worrying about other factors.

Improved quality
of life

When it comes to outsourcing, most companies think first of financial cost savings. While saving money is a significant benefit, outsourcing can also improve your strategic business outcomes and performance.

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